Osamu James Nakagawa: Kai Series March 30th - May 5th, 2018

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 29, 6-8PM

sepiaEYE is honored to present Osamu James Nakagawa's second solo exhibition in the gallery, Kai Series. Kai Series is Nakagawa's ongoing, now twenty-year long exploration and visual meditation on the circular nature of change within the family. Presented both as a diary of his immediate relatives and as a shared humanistic narrative, the series resonates with a deeply felt emotional gravity. The accompanying video piece Breath is a collaboration with video artist Rachel Lin Weaver.

Point of Departure: Mexico • Daitojima • Yonagunijima

Hesiki Gallery is pleased to present a two-person show, featuring Osamu James Nakagawa and Kenshichi Heshiki. The exhibition presents rarely shown early work from these two renowned photographers. Nakagawa’s early straight photography portrays his experience traveling from Houston across Mexico as a young photographer. Heshiki, a native Okinawan, aimed his lens towards the archipelago’s remote islands, during the early 1970s. The photographers work is brought together in a limited edition of 10 handmade portfolio, available from the artist.

Noorderlicht Photofestival 2017

From 22 October - 26 November 2017, the 24th edition of the Noorderlicht International Photography Festival will take place. During ‘NUCLEUS, imagining science’ work of 74 photographers from 26 countries can be seen at seven locations in Groningen, Eelde and Assen.

Tribute to human ingenuity NUCLEUS is about science and the representation of it by independent photographers and artists. In response to social developments, more and more artists use science in their research and as a source of inspiration. Science and art form a fertile combination after all. Both disciplines work from an investigative urge, with curiosity, originality, creativity and an open mind as fundamental principles. In NUCLEUS, the photographers tell their stories about science and the representation of it in around 700 images. It is the first time a collaboration from Noorderlicht will occur with KINK in Assen and Museum De Buitenplaats in Eelde....

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A Shared Elegy

The Grunwald Gallery in conjunction with the Sydney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art at Indiana University is pleased to present the exhibition and monograph A Shared Elegy. The exhibit opened on October 13 and continues through November 16, 2017. A Shared Elegy presents the work of four photographers connected by family ties. Osamu James Nakagawa and his uncle, Takayuki Ogawa, and Elijah Gowin and his father, Emmet Gowin, present unique but overlapping visions recording family histories. Nakagawa, like his uncle Ogawa, grew up in Japan and draws upon his country’s traditions and the practice of honoring elders.

Family heritage and home in Virginia have inspired the Gowins to make photographs that depict the intimate and hallowed nature of the world. These photographs compel us to reflect on our own lineage and consider our place in the progression of generations and the cycle of life.

The 112-page book, A Shared Elegy, is published and distributed through Indiana University Press and features essays by Yoshiko Suzuki and Joel Smith and more than eighty images. This book is the result of the first collaboration between the Grunwald Gallery and the Eskenazi Museum of Art, recognizing each as a key venue for displaying and collecting contemporary photography.

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