A World History of Photography 5th edition

Please to share this news of my photograph from Kai series, Morning Light, Bloomington Indiana Spring 1999 is included in the 5th edition of A World History of Photography by Naomi Rosenblum and Diana C. Stolle.

Naomi Rosenblum's classic history of photography traces the evolution of this young art form chronologically and thematically. Exploring the diverse roles that photography has played in the communication of ideas, Rosenblum devotes special attention to topics such as portraiture, documentation, advertising, and photojournalism, and to the camera as a means of personal artistic expression. Her text is illustrated with nearly nine hundred images by photographers both celebrated and little known, arranged in stimulating juxtapositions that illuminate their visual power.

This fifth edition of A World History of Photography is substantively revised and updated. The photography of the past several decades is reevaluated from a contemporary perspective, and international developments are covered in greater detail. The main strands of today's complex universe of digital image-making are masterfully summarized and placed in their historical context, and the careers of representative contemporary photographers are studied in depth. ISBN-13: 978-0789213440 ISBN-10: 0789213443

from-the-cave: Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum is delighted to present the from the cave exhibition. It is said that sight is the sense through which we obtain the bulk of our information. Individuals use visual information to create their own images and base their thinking on the assorted accumulations of these images. Our perceptions are based on a complicated tangle of images resembling a labyrinthine cave. Furthermore, different people react to the same scene in different ways; even though they may look at the same photograph or image, it will evoke different feelings in them. In this exhibition we will present photographic and video works that employ a ‘cave’ as a motif or metaphor to attempt to rethink the way in which our images or perceptions are created.

The use of a ‘cave’ as a motif to explore the origins of our cognition has an unexpectedly wide application. In his ‘Allegory of the Cave’ the philosopher, Plato, hinted at the fundamental problem of ‘the virtual image and reality’ that underlies our perception of images. The religious scholar, Mircea Eliade, pointed out that caves are employed as places in which to reestablish one’s relationship with the outside world and re-assess oneself at a fundamental level.

The works in this exhibition are extremely diverse. There is a drawing of a cave by the nineteenth century chemist and photographic pioneer who first coined the term, ‘photography’, John Herschel, which was created using a camera lucida, in an effort to satisfy his desire to capture the view he could see in front of his eye to transmit to others. Osamu James Nakagawa presents an installation, fusing contemporary technology and his own original techniques to present a visualization of an Okinawan cave (gama), overlapping history with his own identity. Kitano Ken’s new photograms of babies, which are being shown here for the first time, cause us to think of our own bodies or existences as being similar to the existence of a cave. Shiga Lieko presents a recent work that forces us to reconsider our identity. Fiona Tan’s video work starts with the view from a cave in a bay, dexterously weaving together various old news films to create a prediction of the future. Finally there is the work by Gerhard Richter that forces us to reconsider the fact that our image comprises of a complicated structure resembling a cave. We hope that you will come to view this multimodal collection of ‘images’ that employ the theme of a ‘cave’ as their starting point in attempting to reassess the body and existence, history and society as well as to connect past, present and future through photography.

PassagewayIII SPE Honored Educator

Passageways III represents some of the leading educator/artist in the U.S. The eleven included in the exhibition are the latest recipients of the highest honor bestowed by the esteemed organization that represents photographic educators and students in the U.S. and beyond, SPE (Society for Photographic Education).

Each region of SPE bestows the award of Honored Educator upon a career educator recognizing significant contribution to the field of photographic education through classroom teaching, writing, publishing, museum education, or other areas of professional practice. In addition to be deserving of the honor as a leading educator, each of the honorees selected for “passageways III” is a highly successful working artist.

The theme for the 2019 Pingyao International Photography Festival is Effort*Happiness and the careers and work of the eleven represented here certainly reflect the results of great effort an devotion to their students, their colleges, and universities, their artwork, and to SPE.

SPE is a noneprofit membership organization that provides and fosters an understanding of photography as a means of diverse creative expression, cultural insight, and experimental practice. Through its interdisciplinary programs, services and publications, the society seeks to promote a broader understanding of the medium in all its forms through teaching and learning scholarship, and criticism.

Susan Dooley, curator

Kyotographie 2019: Gallery Sugata

Gallery Sugata introduces Nakagawa's early 1990's Driving Theather series with his latest series, Eclipse. The exhibition continues to Nakagawa's rather personal body of work Kai sereis, which looks interpersonal ties within his own family.

Kyotographie 2019

A Room for Solace curated by Alec Soth

With this exhibition, Alec Soth wants to take a break from the fractious public square of photography and wander quietly into people’s homes. Behind these doors, he hopes to find a sliver of solace in these unstable times. This special exhibition curated for The Photography Show will feature domestic interiors that speak to the possibility of finding refuge during turbulent times. A Room for Solace

Canonical artists were the pillars of the special exhibition at AIPAD curated by Alec Soth. Titled A Room for Solace: An Exhibition of Domestic Interiors, it included works from quiet still lifes to poignant portraits, such as a 1920s view of surrealist poet Paul Nougé’s home photographed by René Magritte to a 2013 portrait of artist Osamu James Nakagawa’s aging mother. The Photography Show by AIPAD 201904.18.2019

Silence and Image: Essays on Japanese Photographers by Mariko Takeuchi

Photographers include: Ryudai Takano, Ken Domon, Risaku Suzuki, Ryo Suzuki, Ryuichiro Suzuki, Osamu James Nakagawa,Maki Umaba, Takashi Arai, Lieko Shiga, Eriko Koga, Bishin Jumonji Akaaka Art Publishing/ Shashasha

Photography to End All Photography

A major international photography biennale focuses on manipulated photography. The participating Danish and international artists all create amazing photographs that are almost impossible to distinguish from reality. But on closer inspection, the photos reveal the most surprising details that make us unsure whether what we are seeing is reality or fabrication – just like a great many of the photos we are surrounded by on social media and other platforms.

The exhibition features works by: Lykke Andersen, DK, Thomas Bangsted, DK, Morten Barker, DK, Kelli Conell, USA, Keith Cottingham, USA, Filip Dujardin, FR, Jeannette Ehlers, DK, Peter Funch, DK, Niklas Goldbach, DE, Beate Gütschow, DE, Craig Kalpakjian, USA, Yang Yong Liang, CH, Gerhard Mantz, DE, Osamu James Nakagawa, USA, Robert Overweg, NL, Jesper Rasmussen, DK, Johan Rosenmunthe, DK, Eva Stenram, GB, Myne Søe-Pedersen, DK, Ryan Trecartin, USA, Ebbe Stubb Wittrup, DK

Be Strong And Do Not Betray Your Soul, August 27 – October 18, 2018

Light Work is pleased to announce Be Strong and Do Not Betray Your Soul: Selections from the Light Work Collection. The exhibition is guest-curated by For Freedoms, a platform for civic engagement, discourse, and direct action for artists in the United States, co-founded in 2016 by former Light Work artists-in-residence Eric Gottesman and Hank Willis Thomas. The exhibition features over forty photographs from the Light Work Collection. The list of artists includes: Karl Baden, Deborah Bright, Jen Davis, Jess Dugan, Jim Goldberg, David Graham, Osamu James Nakagawa, Pipo Nguyen-Duy, Deana Lawson, Suzanne Opton, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Kanako Sasaki, Brian Ulrich, Carrie Mae Weems, Hank Willis Thomas, and others.Light Work.

Women - through the lense- July 12 -September 1, 2018

PGI is pleased to present Women −through the lens−, the group exhibition of gallery collections.

For a long time, women have brought a lot of master pieces as a subject… elegance, delicacy, glamour with women and a capacity as a mother… The group exhibition will show works from famous photographers like Wynn Bullock, Debbie Fleming Caffery, Harry Callahan, Imogen Cunningham, Andre Kertesz, Paolo Roversi, Edward Weston, Takashi Arai, Yasuhiro Ishimoto, Kikuji Kawada, Michiko Kon, Tomio Seike and Osamu James Nakagawa among others.PGI.

Osamu James Nakagawa: Kai Series March 30th - May 5th, 2018

sepiaEYE is honored to present Osamu James Nakagawa's second solo exhibition in the gallery, Kai Series. Kai Series is Nakagawa's ongoing, now twenty-year long exploration and visual meditation on the circular nature of change within the family. Presented both as a diary of his immediate relatives and as a shared humanistic narrative, the series resonates with a deeply felt emotional gravity. The accompanying video piece Breath is a collaboration with video artist Rachel Lin Weaver.

Point of Departure: Mexico • Daitojima • Yonagunijima、Novemver 1, 2017 - January 24, 2018

Heshiki Gallery is pleased to present a two-person show, featuring Osamu James Nakagawa and Kenshichi Heshiki. The exhibition presents rarely shown early work from these two renowned photographers. Nakagawa’s early straight photography portrays his experience traveling from Houston across Mexico as a young photographer. Heshiki, a native Okinawan, aimed his lens towards the archipelago’s remote islands, during the early 1970s. The photographers work is brought together in a limited edition of 10 handmade portfolio, available from the artist.

Noorderlicht Photofestival 2017

From 22 October - 26 November 2017, the 24th edition of the Noorderlicht International Photography Festival will take place. During ‘NUCLEUS, imagining science’ work of 74 photographers from 26 countries can be seen at seven locations in Groningen, Eelde and Assen.

Tribute to human ingenuity NUCLEUS is about science and the representation of it by independent photographers and artists. In response to social developments, more and more artists use science in their research and as a source of inspiration. Science and art form a fertile combination after all. Both disciplines work from an investigative urge, with curiosity, originality, creativity and an open mind as fundamental principles. In NUCLEUS, the photographers tell their stories about science and the representation of it in around 700 images. It is the first time a collaboration from Noorderlicht will occur with KINK in Assen and Museum De Buitenplaats in Eelde....

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A Shared Elegy

The Grunwald Gallery in conjunction with the Sydney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art at Indiana University is pleased to present the exhibition and monograph A Shared Elegy. The exhibit opened on October 13 and continues through November 16, 2017. A Shared Elegy presents the work of four photographers connected by family ties. Osamu James Nakagawa and his uncle, Takayuki Ogawa, and Elijah Gowin and his father, Emmet Gowin, present unique but overlapping visions recording family histories. Nakagawa, like his uncle Ogawa, grew up in Japan and draws upon his country’s traditions and the practice of honoring elders.

Family heritage and home in Virginia have inspired the Gowins to make photographs that depict the intimate and hallowed nature of the world. These photographs compel us to reflect on our own lineage and consider our place in the progression of generations and the cycle of life.

The 112-page book, A Shared Elegy, is published and distributed through Indiana University Press and features essays by Yoshiko Suzuki and Joel Smith and more than eighty images. This book is the result of the first collaboration between the Grunwald Gallery and the Eskenazi Museum of Art, recognizing each as a key venue for displaying and collecting contemporary photography.

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